Arrow Norway AS and the magazine Elektronikk, created the Vebjørn Tandberg Award in 2006, in close collaboration with industry partners such as Innovasjon Norge, leading figures from industry and investors who have all helped shape the award.

The award, named after the man who founded Tandberg Radiofabrikk in Oslo in 1933, was established to celebrate the innovative spirit of the Norwegian electronics industry and focuses on the commercial challenges facing innovators.
New products that some time in the future may help form a foundation for «knowledge-based» industry in Norway, often face intense global competition. The road from conception to marketplace is often long and demanding, and its challenges can be underestimated during the enthusiastic development period.
In order to gain a significant market position for any new product however, it is necessary to have an equal focus on resources and business development.

Selection criteria

The award is bestowed on the Norwegian electronics company that in the opinion of the jury, based on submitted plans and interviews with the participants, has best achieved a significant market position for their product or service.

The company must prove that it has a unique technological advantage and be able to document an understanding of the necessary knowledge and resources required to achieve its goals. Meanwhile, they should also be able to demonstrate a significant potential and value for the Norwegian electronics industry.

What does the award comprise?

The winner receives a cash amount of NOK 250.000,-
But perhaps even more important is the continued guidance and help offered by the jurors, people with proven backgrounds and knowledge.

How to enter

Potential candidates are invited to participate by submitting their concept.
Anyone who feels they meet the main directives may participate.

More information about the application can be found at Elektronikknett.no

Deadline for submission: TBA

Application form can be found here: <……….>

The award ceremony will be held during
Arrow Norway AS Technology seminar & Boat Trip Event



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