Award winner 2010



For the fifth consecutive year,Vebjørn Tandberg Electronics Award was presented at Arrow Norway’s seminar and boat at Aker Brygge in Oslo.
The award winner WPR Medical AS receives a diploma , NOK250,000 in cash and services worth NOK 100,000 from Innovation Norway’s international network .

The winner was one of three finalists.
The other two were Enfo Broadcast AS , FM Crafts AS , who received a diploma each.

This year’s award was themed M2M , or machine-to – machine communication , an area that is growing rapidly . In the past, such as Telenor received 15,000 new M2M subscribers monthly, only in Norway .

Wireless cardiac monitoring
WPR Medical AS Arendal has for the last nine years developed a telemedicine concept and product for cardiac rhythm monitoring for assessment , monitoring and treatment of cardiac patients inside and outside the hospital . While describing the concept as follows: Curvus Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry ( Cocta ) consists of a combination of proprietary hardware and software solutions is known as Curvus . Curvus is a complete wireless technology consisting of an electronic patch , Curvus sensor, which measures an EKG signal ( ECG ) from the chest for evaluation of cardiac arrhythmia . The sensor is disposable materials , work in three days and measures in addition to ECG also patient motion for correlation between ECG and movement / activity. The sensor communicates using a proprietary RF protocol to Curvus Recorder within a radius of 3-5 m Curvus Recorder stores and processes all ECG data in real time. If the alarm criteria are met , such as the uregelsmessig heartbeat or palpitations , sent the event via GPRS to a central server which presents the event on Curvus Event Panel . In addition, the entire recording is analyzed in Curvus Analyzer .

In Norway this will be useful since it allows for decentralized assessment/treatment/monitoring.

The system is used in test projects at South Coast Hospital , Arendal and Celebration clinic in Hobart.

The Company shall during the year to go out globally with solutions , after nine years of development .





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